Confetti Bar!

We here at Solomon Event Planning love ourselves a good Candy Bar, a Cupcake Station, we’ve even been known to craft a delicious Hot Cocoa Bar and we highly recommend any interactive display where your ¬†guests and loved ones can get in on the fun. We find our signature Candy Bars, often color coordinated to compliment the event’s theme, make for beautiful photo backdrops, add to the decor of the party and make for a great conversation piece.

Recently we stumbled on a fabulous new idea we are dying to try out, a custom Confetti Bar! While perfect for a New Years Eve Party, a Confetti Bar would be beautiful for a wedding, with guests throwing glitter and paper cutouts into the air as the bride and groom exit the reception, or to add to the excitement of a surprise Birthday party. Please someone give us an excuse to make our own soon, we promise to clean up our mess!