Wedding Day Jewelry, Reverse Necklace Edition

We’ve seen Hollywood’s leading ladies like Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lawrence rock the backwards necklace on the red carpet as of late, and think that this is an accessories trend that can easily translate to the aisle. On your special day, where we take time to consider the perfect up-do, the veil, bustle, train and shoes, jewelry selection can often take a backseat to all the other details that go into the bride’s day-of look. We have become quite smitten with the reverse necklace, as a bride really should consider their complete look from front to back, as they walk up and down the aisle. These statement necklaces are perfect for a strapless or open back wedding gown, and compliment a dress with embellished bodice and bust. You’ll be just as striking going as coming!necklace 1necklace3necklace 2becklace5