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Sophisticated and Celebratory Bar Mitzvah


Written by stephanie | Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Color Scheme, Fall, Food, Pacific Northwest, Winter

We are so excited to share with you, this beautiful, love and warmth filled Bar Mitzvah which took place at the Four Seasons Hotel here in downtown Seattle. We took great care in pulling together our favorite snaps from the evening, much like the care and detail in which our client approached every piece of this immaculate event.

Adults, family, friends and children alike enjoyed the sophisticated and celebratory party with activities and entertainment designed to appeal to all guests. They were treated to a prop filled photo booth, custom t-shirt and baseball cap station, decadent candy bar, refined Northwest fare and custom sodas. The rich chocolate linens and natural wood and white accents play off the Pacific Northwest perfectly. The evening kicked of with the Big-Band sounds of Jake Bergevin, passing off to our late night DJ as top 40 Pop played late into the evening. Enjoy!

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Creative Cookies


Written by stephanie | Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Food, Gifts and Favors

While we cherish all our weddings, we also plan quite a few social and corporate events each year. We find that birthday parties, anniversaries and mitzvahs really bring out a creative side when planning the celebration. Photos and photo booths are such a big trend and fun activity at events, and these cookies below are not only delicious, but compliment that concept. Why not offer themed cookies to use as edible accessories in your next photo booth, to pass out Emoticon cookies to your guests like your sending them personal text messages, or even incorporate your favorite Instagram moments, printed on personalized cookie-grams?

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 4.36.10 PM

A few other fun, inspiring ideas: Calendar cookies to represent the significance of a birthdate, or anniversary. Make different batches that mark the day you and your loved one met, your wedding date, when you bought a home together, commemorating significant moments in your lives together. And how cute are these cookies complete milk glass perch? Lastly, cookies designed to look like s’mores (we hope they taste like them too!) are a fun teaser, and less messy than the real thing!

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 4.36.26 PM

Snow Cone Cocktail


Written by Jessica Johnson | Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Blogs, Food, Wedding Trends, Weddings

Summer weddings in can be hot hot hot! Cool down your guests with a twist on the traditional snow cone. Allow guests to customize their cones with pre-made syrups such as mojito, cosmo, margarita or a fruit daiquiri.  If you have young guests then have a station with kid friendly flavors.  For syrup recipes take a look at Martha Stewart Weddings.

Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah


Written by Jessica Johnson | Bar Mitzvah, Blogs, Color Scheme

We are excited to share one of our recent events, Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah! A local graffiti artist created a personalized banner in honor of Joshua as well as T-shirts and hats for guests.  An airbrush tattoo artist and popcorn station rounded out the night for both kids and adults. To make the venue unique, we filled the ceiling with 350 large green and blue balloons! The night was a wonderful celebration and one to be remembered!